2003 - Gravel is a Bandung-based menswear label, we simply wanted to make our own clothes that fit our style, that's how we started - a menswear apparel with the mission of delivering ideas and creativity into comfortable clothes with the use of quality fabrics.

2013 - After 10 years, we bring the new concept between urban life and outdoorsy touch, we called it as 'Urban Survivor', and then we decide to focusing in bags & carry goods and rebranding by changing our name.

In these modern life, as a part of needs and fashion, people can't live without their bags and carry goods, that's why we name it 'Gravity Element' as we hope there willl always a gravity pulls between you and our products.
Mountain is a symbol of strength, as we hope to reflect on our products , built from durable material (weatherproof, retain to it's color, tear resistant)